We want your residence to capture your vision and the true essence of “home.”  We invite you to explore our portfolio of residences in Southern Oregon, which highlight…

  • Inspirational and versatile design,
  • A straightforward, authentic and sustainable approach to construction,
  • Solutions that work intrinsically with the site and within your budget,
  • Homes that ultimately express the unique and practical vision of our clients.

We’re proud to highlight numerous residences we designed utilizing sustainable principles and criteria as outlined by the leading certification standards in the nation such as Energy Star Northwest, Earth Advantage, Oregon Department of Energy High Performance Home, and LEED for Homes. We routinely design to specifications in all of these programs with a notable achievement of designing the first LEED for Homes Platinum certification in Southern Oregon.

“I was intimidated by working with an architect, but Carlos was amazing and so easy to work with throughout the entire building process. Much to our surprise, hiring Carlos was more affordable than we originally thought. In fact, it was the best value in the entire design/build process and saved us money in the long run. Since Carlos was implementing environmentally friendly building techniques long before being “green” was popular, I knew we were getting the most experience possible in building that kind of home. It was very reassuring knowing that he was designing a home that could be built within our budget, met our lifestyle needs and that he was open to making any needed changes along the way. He designed for us a unique, beautiful home that is comfortable and amazing to live in.”

Deneice Zeve