Small Projects

Sometimes important design decisions or opportunities fall through the cracks because they’re small. We enjoy working on focused projects where a few essential “details” create successful solutions. We invite you to explore our portfolio of small projects, which highlight:

  • Our collaborative design process with clients, builders and landscapers,
  • The often overlooked, yet important, interplay between the interior and exterior of buildings, and
  • Care shown to work within our clients’ scale and budget.

We often work closely with landscape designers and landscape architects as we design eaves, roof canopies, patios, posts, low walls, and transition spaces that express the building’s relationship to the outdoor environment. We take pride in the expression “no job too small,” so please ask us about the details.

“I’ve been a landscape contractor for 30 years and have worked with many architects and designers. When I first met Carlos I found his openness refreshing. He is a good listener and able to truly hear his clients’ ideas. I appreciate his depth of knowledge and his easy way with people, whether he’s dealing with engineers, builders, sub-contractors or city officials. Carlos is also careful not to overbuild; he works to create a sustainable design that ties into his client’s budget.”

Ted LoftusTed Loftus Landscaping