Inspiration: Natural Building Techniques

With over two decades of implementing best practices in relatively conventional construction, I have always been inspired and taken cues from natural building techniques. At this point in my career, with a sense of urgency, I feel a call and responsibility to take my experience to address and adapt any appropriate natural building techniques into the mainstream. I have studied and experimented with alternative and natural building techniques at workshops and, most recently, on my rural property – a land trust called PrayerFarm, where we are developing the infrastructure for a food forest, creative water conservation and stewardship of the land, forest and animals. I see avenues for conventional building to learn about environmental awareness, resiliency, sustainability, and community collaboration that natural building inherently offers on all levels. Regardless of the “style” and aesthetic of many natural building techniques, its influence on me inspires a “course correction” in a way I think of designing and collaborating for the future.

This natural building workshop is a step in sharing my personal and professional endeavors.

Come join to share the experience of “all hands on deck” in the making of place and engage in philosophical and practical discussion about the creative and practical process of design and building.