Designing this home required a plan to re-contour a poorly graded site so that the new home could be nestled into natural meadow surrounds. The siting of the residence and pool area take advantage of views through agricultural alfalfa fields with peeks into beautiful river banks while embracing panoramic views of the surrounding forested foothills.

The design for the home and shop incorporates contemporary farmhouse aesthetics with open and covered porches for outdoor living. 20 years ago, this client designed and constructed an innovative house that adopted the then-current health standards for non-toxic construction. They continued with that ethos in this new project incorporating stringent standards beyond typical “green” standards of non-toxic construction.

The shop was constructed prior to the residence to provide a testing ground for the material palette as well as for temporary overnight stays while the residence was completed. After completion of the main residence, the shop has become and away-structure for carpentry projects and a studio for yoga practice.

Contractor: Jovick Construction LLC
Landscape Architect: Laurie Sager & Associates Landscape Architects Inc.