This project engaged our interest in short and long term master planning for multiple residential and agricultural structures, including the relationship to the landscape as a long term reclamation project via permaculture principles.

We designed a short term studio residence (later to be converted to a guest facility) while the main house and agricultural structures are designed and constructed. The vision is to establish a residential working food farm and demonstrate a rebuilding of soil to re-establish viable agriculture use on an otherwise rocky and depleted site. The agricultural office serves as the entry point to the residential area on the property and succinctly summarizes design features that are consistent with the other buildings: roofs joining walls to create shelter from the elements but remaining open to the views and landscape; practical transition spaces on patios to address the flow of moving from muddy working conditions to entering buildings; and unique forms that express identity for the multiple uses on the property. Seemingly mundane buildings such as the well pump house became a “service” area for restroom and bathing amenities.

Contractor:  Jovick Construction LLC
Landscape Architect:  Kerry KenCairn Landscape Architecture