What homeowners are saying…

We met with a couple of architects and had a recommendation to meet with Carlos, and we liked him immediately. He was very personable and friendly and he took the time to get to know us. Tom and Carlos make a nice duo – strengths on both the creative and the practical side.

When we first got the bids, the house we wanted was much more than we could afford. Carlos worked with us to make it more affordable and yet still keep the style of the house.

We’ve had them redesign the house multiple times over the past several years. We came up with some pretty extravagant ideas and they’d help us see what the consequences could be, and ultimately decide to not spend the money on an idea that may be really interesting, but is not necessarily effective or efficient.

It’s been a good relationship. We came close to not building the house a couple of times and Carlos has been able to work through that without getting fed up with us. Each time we’d call, he’d say, ‘Let’s talk about it and see how we can make it work.’ We’re happy they hung in there with us and the house is finally under construction.

During the first meeting, I felt Carlos and Tom really listened to what I was hoping to accomplish with the project. One of the main reasons I chose them is that they think about sustainability, which is important to me. I interviewed three other architects and looked at their work and it was clear that Carlos was head and shoulders above.

Because I had to delay the project by two years, the cost of construction had gone up substantially. I just couldn’t afford the original vision any more but they were still able to meet that vision without compromising on the integrity of the design and the materials we wanted to use. They listened and were very responsive, coming back quickly with three or four options to address what I was looking for.

The first phase of our project is complete. It’s beautiful and it’s been very exciting.

From the time I decided to work with Carlos and his team, it’s been super smooth.

Carlos Delgado’s creative architectural design talent is so obvious in his brilliant work that it needs no additional affirmation. I’d like to comment on Carlos’ talent as a listener and what that brings to his architectural work.

When Carlos designed my wife’s and my dream house, he integrated everything we communicated and showed him into a near perfect, stunning design on the first pass.

I was amazed and impressed that he absorbed and converted every detail we shared with him into a design plan that was modern and cool and perfectly natural in our country setting. We couldn’t have been happier. Carlos was a total pleasure to work with at every stage of the process.

Delgado homes stand out in our community. I wanted that aesthetic for our house. Our site is tricky and hillside ordinances are strict and narrow.

Carlos and his lead, Tom, designed the beautiful and functional home we wanted within the strict Ashland requirements.

And, Carlos and the whole team are fun to work with. By the time we were “done,” he had introduced me to what is now my whole building team. We started construction in January 2017 and the house is coming along nicely. Carlos and his team are still here by our side…Thank you Carlos!

Everyone comes into our home and goes, “Wow!” It’s that kind of place for us.

The thing we liked best about working with Carlos and Tom is their ability to listen and communicate effectively and efficiently. While they certainly have their own ideas and opinions, they are great listeners and incorporate what they hear into their creative process and the ultimate design. Unlike most clients, we weren’t living in the area and did most of this remotely, so great communication was essential.

We started with 70 acres that had two dilapidated buildings on it. We ended up building a house, renovating a barn, building a new barn an arena and a hay barn. They were able to create a cohesiveness in the design – the look and feel – of all the structures on the ranch. Our goal was to maximize privacy and the views and create an energy efficient home. To accomplish this, Carlos and Tom spent quite a bit of time siting the house on the land to ensure it was properly placed. In the end, they recommended rotating the house 11 degrees from where we initially wanted it. It made a tremendous difference. Regarding design details, we also had an interest in installing triple pane windows, which is not typical in this country. Carlos & Tom found a European window that was being distributed in the US. We used them. As a result, our home is super quiet and energy efficient.

Carlos works very well with builders and Tom particularly shines in this area, especially with the details.

They begin with a blank sheet of paper and work the details with the builders and the owners to the very end of the project. The result is a beautifully designed and executed ranch that exceeded our expectations.

Carlos is a trendsetter and his experience and knowledge were invaluable in designing our passive solar home.He really listens and has the ability to enhance every project. He is a natural teacher and his history of experience gives him the authority to know what this planet needs for its people to survive.

He is a visionary and can see what needs to happen with building and working with nature.

I’m very excited for him and his new approach to building and wanting to make a difference and take a stand. I really feel he is “the one” to reach the masses about what direction we need to be headed with small homes and more natural building materials.

Our Earth Advantage Platinum home is a healthy environment and our house breathes and exchanges the air so it’s always fresh. It’s a dream come true for a person who suffers from allergies! We plan on having Carlos design our next home which will be more energy efficient and hopefully off the grid!! We want to be self-sufficient and want that for everyone. We are lucky to have worked with Carlos & Tom – they are full of heart and integrity.

I have used Carlos twice over the last 10 years to remodel my 1910 bungalow in Ashland, Oregon. Carlos has amazing vision, attention to detail, professionalism and, most importantly to me, listens to his clients and is a wonderful person to work with.

He helped solve challenges of small spaces by bringing in light from all sides and adding amazing details that made the existing spaces function better and be a delight to live in.

Carlos and Tom are a fantastic team…I highly recommend them.

Carlos designed the renovation of my small home and converted a detached garage into additional living space.

This was my first experience working with an architect and Carlos’ approach made the process easier than I thought it would be.

He listened closely to my needs and created a design that is simple and elegant. Carlos was invaluable in meeting various challenges – including city restrictions for the historical district I live in, budget constraints, and a very small lot. His experience working with the city and the great contractor he recommended kept things moving forward past the occasional speed bump. Finally, Carlos and his associate Tom Sager are such calm, pleasant professionals to work with that they minimized the stress and made it a truly enjoyable experience.

When we decided to build a small beach house in Bandon a friend recommended Carlos. After our first consultation we were certain that he was the architect for us!

He was a great listener and eager to help us fulfill our dream. After exchanging ideas and possibilities, Carlos met us in Bandon to help site the house. We had developed a binder of photos and ideas that we liked. Carlos artfully incorporated much that we shared as he began developing a plan. Because of the high wind factor at the coast, the foundation had to be engineered. Carlos effectively worked through this issue with our builder, the engineer, and the City of Bandon.

As with any plan, there were a few changes along the way. Our builder thoroughly enjoyed working with Carlos and found his openness and flexibility refreshing and respectful. We had a great time working with Carlos and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Carlos is a genuinely nice person and a fabulous architect. We give our highest recommendation to anyone fortunate enough to work with him.

Carlos and Tom are fun to work with. They’re collaborative, flexible and super creative.

They understood what Janet and I were looking for straight off. They worked very compatibly with our contractor always mindful of our budget. The project was to design a guest cottage that not only tied with the distinctive look of our house, but expressed a more up-to-date look and feel; they completely nailed it. The space is inviting and comfortable and includes all the features we’d asked for.

The innovative solution in the cottage is the “floating wall” – a birch plank wall that sits about two thirds of the way into the main room. On the living room side it anchors a loveseat and sitting area, on the other side there’s a vanity and sink. The ceilings are high so the wall stands in the room. It’s an absolutely beautiful solution for dividing space and maintaining an open expansive feel.

Janet and I enthusiastically recommend Carlos and Tom.

It was November when we first hired Tom and Carlos and they came up in the snow with the builder and walked around the whole property. Tom had a really good eye for the beautiful trees on the building site and how to incorporate them into the design. In fact we ended up moving the garage in order to keep two Douglas Firs.

Tom and Carlos have a powerful synergy as a team.

Carlos was able to turn those things that were important to us into a design that was highly functional and really lovely, by paying attention to light and line – and to the landscape on which the house was situated. Tom is an excellent listener and was able to keep track of the things that were important to us and attend to them at the right time in the process so they didn’t get lost. And, they worked really well with us as a couple – being advocates for us individually – by listening and flushing out our vision of how we would be able to use the space for our individual needs.

They were both available and engaged every step of the way. Building long distance had its own challenges but they worked with us and addressed our budget concerns in a way that would maintain the integrity of what we wanted to do. And, they worked so well with the builder that we know there were a numerous things that came up along the way that we never heard about because they were just taken care of.

I was intimidated by working with an architect, but Carlos was amazing and so easy to work with throughout the entire building process.

Much to our surprise, hiring Carlos was more affordable than we originally thought. In fact, it was the best value in the entire design/build process and saved us money in the long run. Since Carlos was implementing environmentally friendly building techniques long before being “green” was popular, I knew we were getting the most experience possible in building that kind of home. It was very reassuring knowing that he was designing a home that could be built within our budget, met our lifestyle needs and that he was open to making any needed changes along the way. He designed for us a unique, beautiful home that is comfortable and amazing to live in.

I really enjoyed working with Carlos and Tom who were so friendly but at the same time serious about the work, even though it was a relatively small remodel and addition. They both listened to my needs and I particularly liked how Carlos encouraged me to make my own decisions.

I only remember one time when they did insist, through a convincing argument, about a design choice. And now I’m glad they did. The option they recommended is safer and lower maintenance than what I originally had in mind. I loved working with Carlos and Tom throughout the entire project.

Though an old friend in Pennsylvania helped us design the house, we are now building here in Ashland, and we chose Carlos to help see it through. The house is unusual in that it’s partially underground. Carlos guided us through critical decisions to make sure the design was completely waterproof.

I have known Carlos for many years and appreciate him for his aesthetic and design sense; his integrity and his work ethic.

If you know EXACTLY what you want, you don’t need an architect. But if you want help bringing your feelings into a structure, you need an architect. Carlos and Tom were fabulous. I wanted an open home with great views. They walked the lot, we met weekly. I felt comfortable talking to them about my wishes. Designing a personal residence is very personal. It was difficult for me to express what I wanted, I just had lived in other people’s homes and knew I wanted something else. They helped discover what I really wanted. Great ideas, practical advice. Help with agencies. Very professional. Check their website.

I love my home.

Working with architect Carlos Delgado to design our custom home was a very good experience. From his extensive questionnaire to understand our wishes, to considering the site, views and path of the sun, he guided us through the design process with natural facility. He has an intuitive ability to take others’ ideas and turn them into a thoughtful, contemporary aesthetic. We found Carlos very easy to communicate with and always considerate of our input and questions.

His expertise in green building technology and design, as well as his ability to explain them to us, was invaluable.

We could not be happier that we chose to design our home with Carlos and would choose to work with him again without hesitation.

What business owners are saying…

In 2006 we hired Carlos to design six classrooms for our new Clay Street campus. As any good architect would do, Carlos interviewed the faculty to get as precise a picture as he could of our needs. And then, using his special gift, he intuited the rest! We asked for natural light, natural materials, and a feeling of space; he gave us…sanctuaries! He took our ideas and made art of them. Carlos is a pleasure to work with, always gracious, prompt, thorough, responsive, and attentive to staying on budget. But the ‘added value’ of working with Carlos comes from his ability to give form to imaginations, to manifest dreams. The buildings he built for us are stunning, and children and faculty relish living and learning in them every day.

I’ve worked with many architects in the past, and have found Carlos to be one of the easiest to collaborate with, in addition to being exceptionally talented. He’s assisted us with several additions to our restaurant in an endeavor to create more seating. What has been most appreciated is his willingness to capture and reflect what we were looking for, rather than push in his own direction. Carlos has been particularly helpful when working to move plans through the permitting process as well as sorting out the special requirements needed for an upcoming historical renovation. He has also gone out of his way to work within our timeline. Once when we came up with an 11th hour change to our design, Carlos immediately met with me to come up with a solution that would work. I always look forward to working with Carlos on any kind of design project.

“Carlos puts his heart into his work. We’ve been so privileged to have his help in the design and construction of Kagyu Sukha Choling’s New Center. We wanted to go with a green sustainable model so we decided against a “conventional” heating and cooling system. Of course, the environmentally friendly approach meant a lot more work because we had to basically design a whole new system from scratch. Carlos has been so instrumental in research, decision-making and problem-solving along the way. He has such a flexible, creative and forward-thinking approach to design. This has been a community project from start to finish and Carlos has worked well with everyone involved in the project. It’s been a real pleasure working with Carlos over the last six years, we’ve always found him to be kind, upfront and very generous with his time.”

What contractors are saying…

“Carlos and Tom really stand out in their profession because of their open approach and willingness to listen to tradesmen on design solutions. They don’t ever walk away from the job – you can count on them to provide the right level of support throughout the entire project. I appreciate the service they extend to the homeowner as well. They’re open to the clients’ ideas, while gently guiding them to the right decision. They’re excellent designers that provide concise prints that are easy to work from. Carlos has a lot of experience in sustainable construction – we worked with him on the first home in the Rogue Valley to achieve a LEED for Homes Platinum certification. My staff and I have always found both Carlos and Tom easy to work with and professional.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carlos on new construction and remodels for over seven years. As a homebuilder, I appreciate the flexible, problem-solving approach that Carlos brings to every project. Homeowners also value his creativity and design sensibility, especially his excellent sense of space and proportion. His willingness to be open and collaborative, with myself and the homeowner, means we always end up with a better project and happy clients.

As a building superintendent I’ve worked with Carlos and Tom on two new residences that utilized their expertise in sustainable design. One of the homes was recently highlighted in the Solar and Green Home Tour. Carlos and Tom make a great team and I find that in working with them the exchange of information and ideas is very fluid. Because they’re local, I can quickly meet with them in person or pick up updated plans without delaying the project. They’re really great guys and their responsiveness and hands-on approach makes it easy and productive for me to work with them.”

I’ve been a landscape contractor for 30 years and have worked with many architects and designers. When I first met Carlos I found his openness refreshing. He is a good listener and able to truly hear his clients’ ideas. I appreciate his depth of knowledge and his easy way with people, whether he’s dealing with engineers, builders, sub-contractors or city officials. Carlos is also careful not to overbuild; he works to create a sustainable design that ties into his client’s budget.

“Working with Carlos and Tom made me realize the value of working with an architect over a designer. Their attention to detail, follow through, and ability to make every project a perfect match for the homeowner is outstanding. I feel they have the most complete design through construction service because of their excellent attention to detail, a strong feel for customer and contractor needs throughout the whole process, and most importantly, the drive to make each project a success. They are always available when I have a question, from the first shovel of dirt, to locking the door on the way out. They impress me with their consistent ability to design a project that meets the customer needs at a price range that makes all parties comfortable – without sacrificing quality or style. A real bonus is that both Tom and Carlos are fun and easy to work with, which can help a lot on tough projects. From start to finish you know that they really care about making the project a long standing success for the homeowner and contractor.”

Not only did Carlos Delgado design my own home, but I have worked with him & his team on many of their other projects over the past 7 years as an interior designer.

Carlos & Tom are very experienced & professional, & they listen to what their clients want. They’re easy to work with, as well as approachable. They are creative, yet their homes always reflect their client’s personalities.

Working with Carlos & his clients is always a team effort, & I can’t imagine a better way to get a great end product. Ideas are bounced around, problems are solved with creative solutions, & everyone seems to enjoy the process. They truly care about the homes they work on, as well as their clients. They know the Rogue Valley well, & their expertise & guidance goes far beyond just designing a home.

Carlos has enduring connections to the most sought-after professionals in the building industry, & continues to stay current with the constant changes this industry brings.

As a contractor that specializes in remodels, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carlos and Tom on several projects. In addition to an exceptional talent for design, you can expect stellar communication when you work with Carlos. During remodels homeowners often request changes while the work is in progress. This can be challenging, yet Carlos always responds quickly to any concerns the homeowner may have and we work together to come up with a satisfying solution. The open line of communication between myself, Carlos and the homeowner contributes to great results and happy homeowners.

“Carlos is easily among the top architects in Southern Oregon. They are well known for their attention to clients’ needs, cutting edge designs, and grasp of building science and technologies.