A local contractor, who builds a number of the homes we design, asked us to design a home for his family to be situated on a rural property, nestled in the woods near a creek.

The property was ideal to be partitioned into two parcels to create a homestead for extended family members.  We began the development with this small 1,378 SF 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that they would live in until their main house was finished.  It was designed with their two elderly parents in mind, who will eventually reside in this home after the main home is built.

We were fortunate to implement superior energy efficient strategies driven by the builder as a case study. The goal was to create a simple exterior form to control costs and utilize “passive house” construction techniques to achieve this. The simple shed roofline is tiled up to the north providing views to the Grizzly Peak mountain range as well as providing an optimum slope for photovoltaic panels. The open floor plan, with creative ventilation and fresh air strategies, will be studied to implement on future projects.

Awarded Earth Advantage Platinum Certification.

Contractor: Jovick Construction LLC