In Progress

We are excited to be in progress on the following projects – either on the drawing boards or under construction.
Check back from time to see updates or the completed projects on the website.

“We met with a couple of architects and had a recommendation to meet with Carlos, and we liked him immediately. He was very personable and friendly and he took the time to get to know us. Tom and Carlos make a nice duo – strengths on both the creative and the practical side.When we first got the bids, the house we wanted was much more than we could afford. Carlos worked with us to make it more affordable and yet still keep the style of the house.

We’ve had them redesign the house multiple times over the past several years. We came up with some pretty extravagant ideas and they’d help us see what the consequences could be, and ultimately decide to not spend the money on an idea that may be really interesting, but is not necessarily effective or efficient.

It’s been a good relationship. We came close to not building the house a couple of times and Carlos has been able to work through that without getting fed up with us. Each time we’d call, he’d say, ‘Let’s talk about it and see how we can make it work.’ We’re happy they hung in there with us and the house is finally under construction.”