Upper Ashland Mine: In Progress

Our client chose their property, which is situated on a downward, grassy and open field, specifically for the long distance mountain views. Originally used and experienced as a vacation home and retreat, the strategy was to design a home that would eventually be their permanent residence when they retire.

To retain the original appeal and not distract from the experience of the land or views, we designed a home with a small footprint of 1600 SF – a simple form with a singular shed roof and a “non-descript” façade and entry. The surrounding beauty of the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain range is evident once you enter the home. We emphasized this with clear lines through the dining and living space, which frames the beautiful views as originally felt prior to any structure being placed on the land. We also integrated skylights on the south facing roof of the great room to bring in natural light.

Contractor: Integrity Building Contractors LLC