In 2001, this established food store looked towards the future and expanded its retail floor space with the addition of a food service deli within the framework of “The Natural Step.” Known for its efforts for supporting sustainable food production, the Board of Directors mandated a sustainable model for the construction and operation of the store expansion. We studied and attended seminars on “The Natural Step” and utilized it as the framework for the expansion. (As an offshoot, we established a core group of construction professionals to explore the implementation of The Natural Step locally). By looking at our target sustainability goals at the end of the expansion (and renovation of the existing store) we employed the “back-casting” strategy of implementing 5 targeted areas: Energy (energy efficiency optimization – reduced lighting load in existing building by 20% and reduced new lighting load by 30% of building code, replaced lighting in refrigeration cases with higher efficiency lighting, day lighting strategies with atrium addition and sensor switches, introduced covered plaza to reduce heat gain from south glazing), Waste (implemented construction waste management plan), Transportation (utilized existing infrastructure by not increasing parking), Habitat (increased landscaping in parking lot with native plantings), Water (reduced landscape irrigation), Materials (strategies of non-toxic, low VOC finishes, re-used existing insulation, no CFC or HCFC in new insulation, non-PVC TPO roof membrane, post consumer recycled content in ceiling tiles and metal roofing, certified lumber).

Contractor: John Fields
Design Team: Carlos Delgado Architect, Doyle Brightenburg Building Design, SolArc Mechanical Engineering, Kerry KenCairn Landscape Architect