Rural/Coastal Projects

Our rural and coastal projects focus on relationships between the structures, elements of nature, land and water. Functional relationships are the cornerstone of our work – how we coexist in our cultivated and natural environment.

We have personal experience with these relationships and embrace the design challenge to accommodate all of nature’s variables. Our staff’s owning and tending to our rural properties for years have contributed to our knowledge and interest. From our firsthand experience, we understand the importance of long range site planning and the effect of not taking a comprehensive view into consideration.

When it comes to the practical issues on a project site, we look at the relationship of how we live with the elements – well and spring water, storm water management, winter snow and snow melt; sheltering and shade strategies from summer heat; and interaction with domestic and wild creatures. We study and propose solutions for the relationship of the structures, transitions from outdoors to indoors, site circulation with vehicular and equipment traffic, owners and guests on foot, access to natural and cultivated resources, fencing for animals, and defining the balance of private and public spaces.

“Carlos is easily among the top architects in Southern Oregon. They are well known for their attention to clients’ needs, cutting edge designs, and grasp of building science and technologies.”