A pre-existing 12’x20′ storage shed, situated in the rear garden area of the main residence, became a tiny house for use as a weekend guest house.

Our concept was to design an additional half story with a circular staircase leading to a sleeping loft. Inspired by ship cabins, we designed the sleeping “nook” with bookshelves and weekend storage for clothing. Guests can peek through the tree canopy on the property for a view of the north eastern mountain range. With a zafu cushion, the upper stair landing serves as a getaway office area.

On the main level is a galley kitchen, bathroom and a hallway leading to a small porch and garden area. The “transparency” of the open riser spiral staircase in the living area gives the small footprint room an open feeling. We extended the one and a half story height part way over the living room to give spaciousness and light. The gable roof and dormer of the resulting 340 sf building brings the scale of the exterior to feel as a single story. With the property bordering a historic district, we worked with the local Historic Review Board to arrive at a compatible bulk & scale with the neighborhood.

Contractor: JND Construction