The imperative of this home design was twofold: to open up and accentuate the glorious views of the eastern and northern mountain range as well as to preserve and maintain the site by keeping the design within the footprint of an existing foundation with minimal expansion into the existing mature landscaping. Concepts included exaggerating the separation of the existing music room and great room with opposing roof slopes as well as opening the views through the dual sided east/west entry. The overall form of the roof framed long distance views on the street frontage and opened up light for the main front yard. By reducing the 2 story garage to a single story we exposed southeastern views to the foothills of Mt. Ashland. This 3000 SF home with basement had a primary energy reducing strategy of utilizing a pre-fabricated panelized wall system: the staggered stud walls with continuous rigid insulation on the exterior resulted in an energy efficient R-33 wall. Pre-fabrication offsite reduced on-site labor time as well as reducing wood waste.

Contractor: Dorris Construction
Landscape Architect: Laurie Sager & Associates Landscape Architects Inc.
Interior Design: Chandra Hayes