This Northwest contemporary home was a design challenge for a small lot within a neighborhood with restrictive C,C,&Rs that regulated roof form, style, and finish materials. The restricted site called for an emphasis on designing a great room and central stair to be an open and light filled center of the residence. The design strategy held wall and ceiling heights low in the living room, piano nook, and kitchen for intimacy. The ceiling over the central stair that bridges these intimate spaces is reversed in slope with higher windows to capture the northerly picturesque mountain and pastoral setting beyond the confines of the subdivision. Additionally, this “butterfly” ceiling form connects the main level to the upper level where the southern views above street level are embraced. Exposed glulam beams combined with this unique ceiling form allow for a dramatic expression of design contrary to rules and regulations of the neighborhood.

Contractor: The Downey Company
Landscape Architect: Laurie Sager & Associates Landscape Architects Inc.